Our Work

Each service we off er has its own unique value and can be contracted individually or as a whole, depending on your business needs


Tailored to your business needs

We analyse your case and integrate a state-of-the-art biotech strategy for your business needs.


Studying genetic variation

Determine whether your population segregates enough genetic variation. We can optimize the variability of your bio asset.


Phenotype stability and variation analysis

We elaborate the appropriate experimental design and study the environmental condi-tions that would make your bio asset reach its maximum potential.


Genome and transcriptome annotation

Sequence and annotate the molecular “instructions” for the species of interest


Genome-wide association studies

We sequence a large set of selected individuals and compile the genetic variation that makes them different.


Genotype/phenotype map

Integrate GWAS, transcriptome and phenotype variation together to predict the performance of a new variety that would carry selected combinations of genetic variants.

7-Selective Crosses

Population variation selection

We can scaff old the genetic architecture of interest into a new variety by crossing selected mother lines.


In vitro

Alternatively, we can create a plant variety that would carry the naturally occurring variants to improve its market value.